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Security Systems for Home & Business

With crime on the increase, a quality alarm & security system is critical. Nobody would want to come home to an empty house, and the thought of installing an alarm system after a burglary is too little too late.

We only use quality Australian made alarm & security systems from Ness. We’ll come to you and assess your premises (residential, commercial or industrial), we’ll advise what you need, where you need it. With a modem and sophisticated alarm system, options are quite vast, from a primary alarm system which comprises if a keypad, some movement sensors and sirens. All the way up to biometric entry control, home automation integration, internet integration, keyfob remote controls and smartphone arming and disarming, smoke detectors integration, the list goes on.

Imagine being able to arm or disarm your alarm and security system from any around the world on your smartphone, or with connected smoke detectors; your sirens will make a different tone to grab your neighbours attention if a fire every breaks out.

Even been notified by phone directly from your alarm and security system that either a fire or your premises were being broken into before anybody else known about it.

Prevention is the best solution to prevent you from being the next target for somebody that has negative intentions towards your property, call us today for a free assessment, and we can chat about your needs and requirements.

Starting with a Ness D8x and D16x this is one of the most sophisticated yet attractive and feature full alarm and security systems on the market, the only system we use and trust.

Sercurity Master Licence Number: 000100765