Security System Integration

To stay safe today, a security system is mandatory as crime is constantly on the rise. Although the main purpose of an alarm system is to protect a families property by activating a siren when a sensor is triggered, it can also notify an individual when a sensor is triggered too. An alarm system, when connected to a home automation system has many more functions and features then just then just the basics. When integrated with a home automation system – we have many more options open to us.

When a security system is integrated properly into a home automation system additional features available; some include

  • Remotely arm and disarm the alarm system – also check the status of each senor or switch.
  • Unlock doors and open/close garage doors away from home.
  • Receive notification on your phone if a sensor is activated.
  • Trigger lights to come on and off when the alarm system is activated.

These are just some features available at out disposal when we integrate a security system in with an automation system.

ELAN alarm selection page, select what you want to open or unlock or disarm
ELAN touch screen displaying the status of the zones of an alarm system