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A home automation system that is well-designed is the heart of any well throughout home. Maximizing the systems capabilities is what we do. But a lot of installers think installing an automation system is a simple process. They’ll install a few products and make them work at their basic functions and that’s it, but we go the extra mile and think outside the box. We take those ideas and expand on it; therefore we combine products to exceed their original functionality to create an extremely well-designed, fully integrated system. It will not only be easy to use but will exceed your expectations by not having to think about anything, it just happens. We complete home automation systems in the Newcastle and surround areas.

Facial Recognition Touch ScreenAs an elite dealer and a leading home automation integrator, we’ll exceed your expectations. Our award-winning touchscreen uses proprietary facial recognition. In addition this mean each family member is able to have their profile personalized to there liking. Voice control is built in so not only do you have buttons and sliders to press; but also telling the system to turn on or off like the TV, climate control including turning different zones on and off throughout the house, music, lights and much more are all possible.

What is home automation?

An automation system is the process of controlling appliances and equipment. Either manually or automatically trigger other devices, either single or multiple processes to occur automatically. A home automation system can include any or all items in a SMART HOME – but with much more flexibility and functionality.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is made up multiple systems of appliances and equipment. Therefore all systems working individually, usually from individual apps on a smart phone, tablet or computer. A smart home can have timers and depending on the system it can trigger an operation. But all different systems cannot interact with each other where as a home automation system, everything does talk to each other.

As a leading automation integrator, we will fully design, install, and integrate a complete home automation systems along with complete sub system not limited to and including;

We’re able to control;

We also install automation systems for the disabled for a better quality of life and security, as well as for a family home. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to consulate with you and provide you with a proposal for your project.

Elan automation user interfaceReference to home automation is www.yourhome.gov.au Also our blog