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Calibration is a critical process especially if you have bought a very expensive TV or projector. Not only can we install your new home theatre system, but we can also calibrate your new TV or projector to a standard that the movie director intended for you to watch it, picture perfect. We can calibrate all types of screens including LED, LCD, DLP, LCoS and even the new OLED technology.

Why Consider Calibration? Isn’t It Just A Gimmick?

No, this is not a gimmick, cameras in movie and TV studios are always calibrated to record perfect industry standard colours, so your TV or projector will receive the right colour signals. But if the screen settings are wrong (and they always are straight from the box) you won will benefit from the new TV or projector. Knowing the perfect setting is not easy, and is always different on every TV, so there is no true DYI solution, but you can get close if you’re willing to attempt it yourself.

The easiest way to explain why you should calibrate your system is to compare the process to buying a brand new car. When you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer states that you need to return the car to the dealer for the first 1000km service so that the required adjustments can be made during the wearing in process. The same process applies to a new TV or projector being purchased. The calibration process not only helps to extend the life of the system but also enhances your viewing experience and will ONLY then give you the full experience of a proper home theatre system. The manufacturer default settings on a new TV or projector are always set at unrealistic colour settings which are best suited for the retail store floor where lighting conditions are much different than in the home; they are usually much higher than necessary making your system work harder than it needs to. With our instruments, we make all the adjustment from colours to brightness, contrast, sharpness and tint to perform in cinema-quality, an actual home theatre standard.

For as little as $479, ISF calibrate your new TV or projector to produce picture perfect colour, just like in the cinema.

The four main benefits to calibrating your system are:

  • Improvement in picture quality
  • Save money on power bills
  • Extend the lifespan of your television
  • Watch movies in cinema-quality with true “real” colour

What Is Calibration?

Put simply; screen calibration is optimising your picture quality. The process involves us attaching a specific device into the television and into our laptop computer (the human eye is not sufficient for this process) which guides us on what setting changes need to be made to enhance your viewing experience. The calibration process lessens the workload on the TV or projector, which in turn increases the lifespan of the TV or projector.

How Often Should I Calibrate My System?

Ideally, when you first purchase your new television or projector, it should be completed within the 20 to 50 hours of first receiving and turning on your TV for projector for best results. Anything older and you’ll be wasting your money as the screen will be “worn in” too much and difficult to archive best results possible. For optimum performance throughout the life of the display, this process should be carried out annually.

At the end of the calibration process, we’ll provide you with a before and after comparison, report to show you the adjustments that we made, what the original settings were compared to, what the new setting are now. Only after this, you will see the benefits of having your TV or projector calibrated.

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Calibration In A NutShell

TV/projector calibration should not be taken lightly. As home theatre enthusiast, we’re passionate about the results, which is why we have invested heavily in this technology as we know you only deserve the best. This is an extensive process taking 2 to 6 hours to complete and should not be done by a novice as they can make the picture worse than when first started, the cost of this investment is $479.00 to calibrate a TV and $639 to calibrate a projector.