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Streaming Movies

Streaming movies

Streaming movies is becoming easier as time goes on, taking into account how cheap streaming services are, why would want to rent a movie anymore? If you know how to turn your TV on and off and have some basic knowledge of navigating your TV or streaming box, you should have a streaming account. The […]

TV lifter

TV and projector lifter

Hiding away a TV with a TV lifter is a practical solution to a potential eyesore, even hiding away a projector and even a projector screen is an excellent solution to uncluttering a room to make it truly multipurpose. There are many devices available that can archive this, but it is not as straight forward […]

HDMI over fibre optics lead

long HDMI runs, over fibre optics cable

HDMI cable has come a long way from the early days where they were first introduced. Originally HDMI cables only supported video and required a second cable to carry the audio, and then not to mention the limitations on distance. Though with addition equipment, that all be overcome, but some good news is on the […]

THX logo

Just like Dolby Digital, The THX experence

What is THX in a nutshell? THX is a set of specifications, it’s comes from George Lucas, the producer of “Star Wars” and was developed after “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” to enhance the experience of movie watching, George hired an audio scientist by the name of Tomlinson Holman to look into […]

Heos Soundbar

How To Select The Perfect Soundbar

There are many soundbars on the market these days. From a standalone basic soundbar to soundbars that can be connected to the internet and incorporate all the bells and whistles of a full home theatre system. However, selecting the correct one to suit your lifestyle can be confusing, so which is the right one for […]

Wi-Fi Vs Hard Wired Home Network and the Internet

With the advancement of wireless technology, how relevant is hard wiring your home to access the internet? You may be surprised to hear but it’s more important than ever. It is extremely important to ensure data passes through without interference to your Foxtel box, home theatre system, your TV, gaming systems like the PS3 or PS4 […]

HDMI to Cat6 Tx

How to send a Foxtel box into another room via HDMI, TV antenna or Data cabling part 2

Disadvantages are; There is no built in option to change Foxtel channels from the second room without purchasing addition equipment. HDMI modulator will cost more then an AV digital modulator, AV digital modulator use the yellow/red/white leads, there is a very noticeable picture quality difference between the two standard definition and high definition digital modulates. […]

jamo 360hcs8

Flush Mount Verses Free Standing Speakers

Speaker Aesthetics Aesthetics in a lounge room or home theatre room is a big deal, but so is sound quality, so choosing the correct speaker type and configuration for your home theatre or lounge room is a big deal. As a sales and installation company, we understand the needs of both and we always let […]

Choosing the correct speaker size for your theatre room

When you’re thinking of purchasing your first home theatre system or consider upgrading, where do you start? Usually the speakers, but what size speakers do you need? Selecting the correct speaker size is important for many reasons, usually you go in the retail store, look around and if you’re lucky somebody will come up to […]

Heos by Denon – Multi-Room Audio (Part 2)

Controlling and using the Heos System The Heos app could not be any easier to control, the Heos system can be controlled from any apple and android device, so this means you can stream music off your phone or tablet straight into the speaker through your home Wi-Fi, it’s all done directly from the Heos […]

Heos by Denon – Multi-Room Audio (Part 1)

By Simon – Custom Audio Visual Solutions Multi room audio systems are becoming more popular as time goes be with many advantages. It is at a point where many manufactures are trying their hand at it, for example, Samsung, LG, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins are a few, and now Denon. Ever since 2002, Sonos has dominated the […]

Wi-Fi, why it may not be the best solution (Part 2)

Is There a Solution to Unblocking a Blocked Doorway? Yes, there is a solution, every router not only has Wi-Fi, but can also be hard wired (plugged in) in as well. So this basically means that device can have a direct link to the router. So now for example a computer can directly access a […]

Wi-Fi, why it may not be the best solution (Part 1)

By Simon – Custom Audio Visual Solutions In recent years Wi-Fi technology with-in the home has been getting better, implementation for home theatre systems and TVs are getting much better by opening up many more opportunities with-in the home network to access the internet. But improvements happen that quickly that it feel like as soon […]

Finding internal TV problems before the warranty period expiries

TV issues can arise at any time but what about the problems inside the TV you can’t see. Recently we calibrated a TV for a customer after completing a full home theatre installation, and such a problem presented itself. The installation entailed two home theatre installations in the same home, we wall mounted all the speakers, along with […]

TV antennas


There are many types of TV antennas on the market. But choosing the right one and installing the antenna yourself can be difficult. Some do look similar but perform differently. we’ll go through the main ones so you know which TV antenna is the best one for you with-in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the […]

Smart Home Brains


Home Automation is, in the easiest way to explain, made up of different electronic devices to make your life easier. It’s the combination of a number of individual systems to come together, to work all as one system on a single device or even a single item to work on multiple devices. Lighting control, home theatre […]

Media Room

Entertainment Distribution Through the House, what is the best way?

HOME MEDIA SERVERS AND PLAYERS Distributing your entertainment throughout the house is slowly growing in popularity. Any type of media can be distributed. The main ones include Blu-ray or DVD movie and music, but doing it correctly is important otherwise there could be major interruptions or unnecessary upgrades due to poor equipment choice. Although there […]

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos, what is it all about? part 2

… so the more speakers you have, the better and more realistic the 3D sound will be. The information on the blu-ray disc is not in channels anymore but now it is called a “sound object”, so for example a car driving past, a child yelling, wind blowing are all different “sound objects”, and all […]

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos, what is it all about? part 1

There has been a lot of talk lately about a new sound format coming out for home theatre systems, Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos has been in commercial movie theatres for last few years and finally it will be released to a select amount of 2015 home theatre receivers. So to best describe what it is, […]

Home Distribution

What Can Be Mixed Into A TV Antenna System

A TV antenna system can be a simple single TV outlet system, all the way up to a complex commercial system with hundreds of outlet. Mixing the satellite dish in and FM radio with other in-house services is possible too. It is possible for other devices to be distributed through your TV antenna system. Things […]


Acronyms, What do they mean? Part 3

MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) via an MHL cable. MHL makes it possible to enjoy video, image, and audio files from mobile devices on your TV. However, MHL is only available through the TV’s HDMI (MHL) port and only when used in conjunction with an MHL-enabled mobile device. PIP, PICTURE IN PICTURE Picture in picture was […]

screen cleaning kit

Screen Cleaning Kits, Which is the right one to use

When we walk into a retail store, we are all conditioned to think we need to buy a screen cleaning kit when we buy a new TV. Some HDMI lead manufactures actually bundle it in with their leads to make a package “deal” out of it, but what’s the right way to clean your new […]


Acronyms, What do they mean? part 1

We all hate them but it was designed to make our lives easier and unfortunately we have to live with that, but hey, if you have little to no knowledge of what all the acronyms are in a home theatre system, and what they mean, we’ll run you through some of them now. DTV, DIGITAL […]

freeview plus

Freeview Plus – What is it?

WHAT IS FREEVIEW PLUS? So we’re all enjoying Freeview with a new digital TV antenna, and all the benefits it has to offer like a 7 day program guide, setting up timers and multitude of channels (unfortunately some channels we’ll never watch), and just as we’ve mastered this, a new technology is just around the […]

HDMI lead

HDMI cable, don’t be mislead with expensive cables

For many years, consumers would walk into a retail store to buy a new TV, or a home theatre system, even a Blu-ray player and for many years the sales person would always try to sell the customer the most expensive HDMI cable they can, due to the sales persons ignorance or greed and unfortunately most defiantly […]

Speakers and receivers, which one should you get?

In today’s retail environment, it can be very confusing to pick out a new home theatre system, only because the range is getting bigger and bigger and every sales person will say something different and just about anything to make a sale, so what sales person can you trust these days… It’s only going to […]

4k tv

To buy or not to buy 4K

TVs are getting bigger and better with more features all the time, in the last few years the big thing was 3D, but now the craze is 4K, so should we all jump on band wagon and buy one? Is it worth it right now and are there any benefits to 4K over 1080 – […]

sound proof room

Home theatre sound proofing

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when allowing for a home theatre room or what a lot of architects are calling it is a media room. There is very little to no thought about the sound waves that affect the theatre room or other room in the house and how soundproofing and acoustically treating […]

TV antenna

Domestic FM Radio & TV Antenna systems

COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC ANTENNA SYSTEM TV antenna systems are different for both commercial and domestic situations, so in this blog, we’ll be only looking into the domestic system. Although a lot of this information will also apply to a commercial TV antenna systems for clubs, pubs, apartments and units, we will talk about a small […]


NAS systems for the home

NAS systems are becoming more and more popular forDLNA use in homes and are not limited to a business environment any longer. As the price of hard drives is coming down and storage space is going up, there are many benefits of incorporating a NAS system set up at home. With the increase of several […]

Screen calibration and new technology part 2

Without getting too technical, we’ve invested in TV and projector calibration technology that will combat these problems and also improve your viewing experience with not just OLED screens but with all other screen technology as well. Just think about it, if you had a home theatre installed, did the installer calibrate the home theatre system? […]

oled cell

Screen calibration and new technology part 1

Different screen technologies With technology changing at a very accelerated pace, screen technology is also changing. Some of the technology still with us is LED, LCD, DLP and LCoS in projectors, LCD/LED in flat screens. It was said that depending on what was mostly watched will dictate what the best screen technology was to use. […]

dolby 7.1

Basic speaker layouts and how it is done

WHERE SHOULD THE SPEAKERS GO? A basic 5.1 home theatre system (in 2014) is very straightforward. With the surround (rear) speakers, 99.9% of salespeople and so-called home theatre experts would say the speakers need to be installed up high, in the corners of the room. That’s just doing it all wrong in a home theatre […]