TV lifter

TV coming out of the floor, motorised TV lifter

Hiding away a TV with a motorised TV lifter is a practical solution to a potential eyesore. Also hiding away a projector or a projector screen is an excellent solution to uncluttering a room to make it truly multipurpose. Installating a motorised lifter is not as straight forward as one would think. Many consideration come into play and a professional A/V installer will be required for this kind of work. Depending on the requirements, other trades maybe need too. Depending on the project, the amount of work will vary to install the device required.

Common Designs

Standard TV lifter are designed to be installed in a cabinet. These types of motorised TV lifters are common and can be straight forward to install. There are types of motorised lifters for TV’s and projectors which can be installed within the ceiling space. The specific situation where a television or projector lifter will be required in a ceiling space – additional work will be need to redesign the timer roof structure to accommodate the lifter.

motorised TV droping down from ceiling
Motorised TV lifter coming out at the end of the bed

Other Designs

Other designs available are motorised TV lifters at the end of the bed that can raise out of a large bed frame. Also that lift out of the floor, and out of a door frame too is possible. Each solution will raise its individual levels of complexity to integrate, and will vary amount to the work required to complete.

Now we cannot leave out motorised electric projector screens; they too are also possible hide away. There are a few different ways to do this, one being flush mount with the ceiling and the second will be to build a bulkhead around the case to hide away the casing of the screen. Or just have the case visable which is most common.

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