Air Conditioning Integration

Air conditioning integration into an automation systems is becoming increasingly popular as it offer a convenient way to control the movement of air around the home from a single location.

Air Conditioning – Easier To Use

Using an air conditioning systems in an integrated home makes for a more user-friendly system. Users have the ability to adjust the temperature in any room with a single button from any touch screen or phone/tablet rather than having to navigate through a series of menus from a factory keypad – which also adds another ugly and unnecessary device on the wall. In addition, air conditioning integration into an automation system can also provide other benefits; such as the ability to automatically adjust the temperature based on the time of day or the presence of people in the home and much more. As a result, integrating an air conditioning system into a home automation system can offer significant advantages in terms of both convenience and functionality.

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ELAN automation touchscreen show current temperature in a room
ELAN Touchscreen multi-room air conditioning control