Finding internal TV problems before the warranty period expiries

TV issues can arise at any time but what about the problems inside the TV you can’t see. Recently we calibrated a TV for a customer after completing a full home theatre installation, and such a problem presented itself. The installation entailed two home theatre installations in the same home, we wall mounted all the speakers, along with wall mounting two TV’s and repairing the TV antenna system.

Many people setting up a TV directly out of the box, thinks that it looks “OK” but this is directly from the manufacture and not setup correctly, a better picture quality will only happen when the TV is fully calibrated, and this will have many benefits. The manufactures way is for the TVs life span to be as short as possible to turn out a higher volume. Some benefits from calibration will include less eye strain, TV life span extended, realistic colours which results in a more pleasurable experience and more.

When a problem exists in an electronic device, the device is performing outside the manufactures specification; as a result the original problem can cascade to other parts of the electronics device until the problem becomes noticeable or the entire device fails and won’t work at all.

picture image problemThe problem we came across was on a 3 month old LG TV. Before we calibrated the TV, the setting had not been touched and the TV looked and worked as expected straight out of the box, everything looked perfect to proceed with calibration. After we calibrated the TV, it became noticeable there was an issue with the screen, in a bright scene the lips of the characters was the wrong colour tone and coming out a bright pink, this was very noticeable. After make other changes as well as defaulting the TV, the issue persisted and we recommended that the TV go in for repairs; on return of the TV two circuit boards had to be replaced as they were faulty. The TV was re-calibrated for a second time and unfortunately the problem still existed but as prominent. As a consequence the customer has decided to exchange the TV for a different brand.

As a conclusion, the TV calibration we did for the customer presented a problem that was originally not visible, if the calibration was not performed the problem would have continued on to effect other parts of the TV and a total failure was only a matter of time, if failure was to occur (usually just outside the warranty period), this would have cost the customer another new TV but we inevitably saved them this cost by finding a problem before the warranty expired so the manufacture is paying for the repairs.

Calibrate your TV or projector with-in the warranty period and you may save yourself many thousands of dollars in the process and not to mention all the benefits that come with the TV or projector calibration.