Williams Designer Homes Installation

This installation was completed for Tony, director of Williams Designer Homes, and was featured in the Newcastle Herald. The installation starting with the home theatre is a 5.1.2 system, comprised of a Denon Atmos amplifier, Jamo flush mount speaker, Screen Technics projector screen, Epson projector a Samsung blu-ray recorder (PVR) and a URC iPad remote control system. The URC remote control system enables the system to be controlled anywhere in the room, so that has enabled us to place all the equipment at the back of the room where it is all out of site.

As for the rest of the house, the award winning Heos by Denon was chosen, we installed two Heos Amp‘s with Jamo speakers, a Heos HomeCinema soundbar and Samsung TV.

Both Heos Amp’s and the data network are centralised within the home on a top shelf of the walk-in closet, the entire Heos system is used from either their iPads or iPhones.

Lounge Room TV Wall Mount - TeralbaHeos HomeCinemaHeos SoundbarHeos subwoofer

Left Surrond and Atmos Speaker with carpet - Teralbaequipment behind seatsHome Theatre equipment close - TeralbaHome Theatre Teralba - URC 3Home Theatre Teralba - URC 2Home Theatre Teralba - URC 1Home Theatre surround - Teralbahome theatre frontHome Theatre system
Home Theatre central cabling - TeralbaHome Theatre central cabling complete - Teralba

Heos Kitchen holes - Teralba