Stockton Holiday Park Home Theatre System

Stockton Beach Holiday Park AV system

We were commissioned by Newcastle City Council to install a theatre system for the new Stockton Beach Holiday Park Camp Kitchen. Specification from council was the projector had to be bright and the sound had to fill the room. We also completed this project under budget.

When we were contacted it was at a late stage of the build which made our job even harder for installing all the cabling. The brackets which support the projector screen was all built in-house by us as they were not commercially available, the boards which the speakers are mounted to were also made in-house by us, as the studs in the walls did not line up with both side walls (and front), we had to come up with a solution that not only looked attractive but had to position all the speaker in the correct and uniform position.

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unpacking speakersmain system locationempty side viewsurround speaker left locationsurround speaker right locationfront view of cablingfront view of cabling workfront viewprojector screen testingprojector screenprojector bracketsepson projectoradjusting projectorFront sideviewcontrol systemfront speaker without grillright side speaker viewMarantz amplifier and Samsung PVRspeaker and control system view


m&k m7 speakers

THX certified M&K M7 surround sound

In this installation we used the famous M&K M7 THX certified speaker package with Jamo IC406 as the Atmos speakers. We used a Denon AVR-X1200W receiver an Epson EH-TW9200 projector and the Australian made Screen Technics 115 inch projector screen, Foxtel, Fetch TV and a PS4 is used as a Blu-Ray player was also connected, both sound system and projector were calibrated for optimal performance. In the lounge room, the TV was already wall mount, we mounted the Heos HomeCinema soundbar. This installation was completed in Chisholm.

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Back Wall Denon receiver Front Wall Side Front Wall Heos Soundbar M&K M7 front completed grill off M&K M7 front completed grill on M&K M7 Front Speakers M&K M7 front wall in progress M&K M7 Rear Speakers completed M&K M7 Rear Wall M&K M7 Subwoofer Rear Side Wall

Marantz SR7009

Marantz with Jamo 7.1 Home Theatre System

These two home theatre systems were completed in Weston. Both home theatre systems are using Marantz receivers with Jamo 360 S25HCS8 and Jamo 360 S35HCS8 and both systems have Samsung TV’s.

The first room is using a Samsung TV on a pivot bracket for full motion and the Marantz SR7009 with Jamo 360 S35HCS8 7.1 speaker system, Foxtel is running out to the patio from the Marantz receiver on Zone 2 to the TV, Niles wall mounted outdoor speakers are also installed out on the patio and are also powered off the Marantz receiver.

The second room is also using a Samsung TV on a pivot bracket and the Marantz receiver but using the NR1605 receiver and Jamo 360 S25HCS8 7.1 speaker package, Foxtel, Xbox and external hard drive.

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Jamo 360S25HCS8 front speker setup Jamo 360S25HCS8 side view Jamo 360S25HCS8 surround speakers Jamo 360S35HCS8 completed Jamo 360S35HCS8 renovations in progress pair Jamo 360S35HCS8 surround speakers pair completed Jamo 360S35HCS8 with Marantz SR7009 Jamo S36025HCS8 speakers Marantz NR1605 with Xbox Marantz SR7009 setup Marantz SR7009 with Foxtel Zone 2 Renovated room 2 renovated room Wall plates lounge Wall plates

Jamo Front Speakers

Blacksmiths Beachside Holiday Park Installation


In October 2015, we were commissioned to supply and fit out Blacksmiths Beachside holiday park’s new recreational room, the process could not have went any smoother and was completed on time for the parks initial use for when the holiday session began.


The system consists of a 65″ Samsung TV, along side is an Epson EH-TW9200 projector, 140″ Screen Technics electrics projector screen, 5,1,2 speaker system consisting if the Jamo S628HCS12 surround speaker package and the Atmos speakers are the Jamo IC608FG. All cable runs back to the rack and houses a Marantz receiver with a Samsung PVR, Bluestream HDMI splitters and a network switch (that was supplied by Lake Macquarie Council). The system is controlled by an automation system on the wall and below is a wall plate with various connection to plug in external equipment, the keypad has a key switch below so the keypad can only be used by park management or staff, and both speakers and projector have been fully calibrated for optimal performance.

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Back brick wall Back finished wall Front brick wall Front projector scren up Front right speaker Inside comms rack Jamo Centre speaker Jamo Front speakers Keypad brick wall Keypad Left speaker and subwoofer Projector Wall plates

home theatre

Chisholm New Home Installation

We consulted with the customer before the house was even built, we pre-wired the house during frame stage. This home theatre system comprises of a Samsung TV, Marantz amplifer, Marantz blu-ray player and Jamo 360 series speakers.

We also installed Cat6 data cables throughout the house and to all the TVs outlet, we also wall mounted the two other TVs

Frame stage front speaker Frame stage rear single speaker Frame stage single speaker Front blank wall Front home theatre Front wall L+R speakers only - Copy Front wall L+R speakers only Home Theatre compleated 2 Home Theatre compleated Marantz receiver and blu-ray player Single front speaker compleated TV calibration (1) TV with centre speaker with grill TV with centre speaker without grill Wall mounted rear speaker

Epson Projector

Belmont North Installation

This installation was completed in a dedicated home theatre room and is a Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 home theatre system, this room is 4 meters deep by 3.5 meter wide. Originally the customer purchased all the equipment from a major retail store and the retail store orginised installation, the customer was not happy with them and called us, upon consulting with the customer we recommended that the speakers were returned as they were large floor standing speakers and was too big for the room, they also had a 115″ projector screen on order which we told them to cancel as well, where the screen was to go would not fit in the space, we recommended a 92″ screen instead, we ended up supplying the Jamo 360 speakers and the Epson EH-TW9200W projector.


Front Projector Screen Jamo Corner Speaker Jamo Front Speakers with flash Jamo Front Speakers without flash Jamo Sub and Speaker Projector and Speakers without flash Projector and Speakers

Jamo S628HCS12

Jamo S628HSC12

DESIGN – The Jamo S 628 HCS is the flagship speaker system inJamo S628HCS12 the Studio S 620 Series, with the power to reproduce every subtle detail in your movies and music and the ability to fill a large area with maximum acoustic impact. Two S 628 3-way floorstanding speakers with 10-inch (254 cm) side-firing woofers are complimented by a matching S 62 CEN center channel speaker designed to provide crisp and detailed dialogue from your favorite movies and TV shows. The compact but powerful S 622 speakers provide the enveloping surround sound by putting you in the middle of everything! Add an optional Jamo SUB 260 subwoofer for the deepest movie bass effects you can feel. Your favorite music will sound great too in either stereo or surround sound. Available in black ash, dark apple and white ash finishes, all speakers are neatly complemented by soft-feel black baffles giving the system a premium and contemporary appearance. The S 628 include optional speaker spikes while the S 622 and the S 62 CEN have built-in keyhole mounts for on-wall applications.
PERFORMANCE – By utilising modern materials and core technologies, the J 12 SUB makes your home theatre and music listening experiences unforgettable. With an amplifier capable of 400W of peak power, this subwoofer can deliver higher sound-pressure levels at lower distortion, resulting in maximum musical fidelity and reproduction of details.

The J 12 SUB is equipped with a 12″ front firing, aluminized polyfiber woofer that provides exceptionally low frequency response with minimal distortion. The all-digital amplifier delivers clean high efficient power and accuracy in reproduction. Housed in a MDF cabinet with a sleek wood grain vinyl to match our highly acclaimed Studio line, this versatile subwoofer seamlessly integrated into any decor.

RRP $5,499

Jamo S428HCS10

Jamo S428HCS10

DESIGN – With their exclusive, stylish and contemporary industrialJamo S428HCS10 design, the value-for-money S428 speakers easily blend into modern living rooms. Thanks to a carefully balanced engineering effort the S428 manages the delicate blend of good looks and a sound quality rarely heard in this class.

The Jamo S428 has triple woofers in a sturdy, bass-reflex optimized enclosure, that gives maximum impact and excitement to both music and movies. Thanks to a low-resonance high-frequency driver with a Jamo wave-guide the details in the sound are reproduced with both clarity and delicacy, providing a refined and well-balanced (and above all: realistic) performance.

Adding the Jamo S420 Centre, S420 Surrounds and J10 Active Subwoofer creates a first-rate surround system and, thanks to the terrific versatility in terms of placement (both comes with wall bracket), these speakers will not clutter the living room.
POWER BASS WITH J10 SUBWOOFER – The J10 SUB features a 10″ front firing, aluminised polyfiber woofer that provides exceptionally low frequency response with minimal distortion. The all-digital amplifier delivers clean high-efficient power and accuracy in reproduction. Housed in a MDF cabinet with a sleek wood grain vinyl to match our highly acclaimed Studio line, this versatile subwoofer seamlessly integrated into any decor.

RRP $3,299

Jamo THX D600

Jamo D600

Imagine that you can experience the awesome sound quality that youJamo THX D600 can hear in the best cinemas in the world – but in the comfort of your own home.

Jamo D600 is the newest Jamo sound system that is built and approved to the same quality-standards as the best movie theaters in the world namely THX. This highly advanced Jamo system meets the THX Ultra 2 standard, but is at the same time a truly musical hi-fi speaker system.

TrustedReviews praised the D600 system, calling it “staggeringly powerful”, “clear, lucid detail and superb imaging” and “stunning build quality”.

Consisting of a line of carefully designed elements equipped with advanced technology these speakers are not only able to reproduce the same powerful and detailed sound that you would normally only expect in real life…or the best cinemas, but they are also able to present a sound-stage that is as large in scale and physical appearance that it is hard to believe.

At the same time the D600-system is elegant and discreet, fashioned in a modern and graphic style that is able to blend in easily with the interiors in most modern homes. State-of-the-Art Technology Jamo has developed driver units specially for this high-end THX Ultra 2 system. Identical drivers used in both the LCR and surround-speakers result in perfect balance across the speakers, and a 15″/1600W subwoofer equipped with Motional Feedback ensures a dynamic, detailed and precise reproduction of even the lowest spectrum. The subwoofer is equipped with a unique touch interface which gives the user a variety of settings.

Price is for a 5.1 system

RRP $8086

Jamo A320HCS6

Jamo A230HCS6

Thanks to its discreet and elegant design, theJamo A320HCS6 Jamo A320HCS6 Home Theatre speaker package will suit most small to average size living rooms. The well thought-out design allows the speakers to be placed virtually anywhere – horizontally or vertically – on the floor or on the wall (wall-brackets and table-stands are included – floor-stands are optional).

You get four A320 Surrounds, matching A3CEN.4 and SUB250 8″ Active Subwoofer in this package


The A320 is a very compact two-way satellite speaker featuring a 31/4″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter. It reproduces the mid and upper range frequencies with full fidelity and very natural sounding vocals. Mount the speaker on the wall with the ingenious fittings supplied or on the dedicated table-stand: it’s your choice as both are included with the speaker. Alternatively you can mount the speaker on the optional A320FS floor stand

Matched Centre speaker

The A3CEN.4 is specifically designed to work with both the A320 and A340.This centre speaker features a two-way system with two woofers and a tweeter. This results in very natural vocals, giving perfect dialogue reproduction during movies. And the low-profile design offers a perfect match for the new flat screen TVs on the market. The wall bracket allows users to tilt the speaker upwards or downwards – so that, regardless of whether it’s placed on top of or below the screen, it can be aimed towards the listening position

Powerful Active Subwoofer

The 8″ SUB250 incorporates its bass port into the cabinet housing, a unique design resulting in very deep bass down to 30 Hz – without the large enclosure usually needed to achieve this. It features a powerful BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 250 W of peak power. This highly efficient digital amplifier generates more power with less heat than standard amplifiers. The SUB250 also features a Bass Limiter, ensuring that the sound reproduced is exactly as it’s intended – clean and undistorted

Optional STA320 stands are available – $159 RRP per pair

Note: The details in the ‘Specifications’ tab refer to the main front speaker in this package. For details on all the models, download the ‘Product Info’ PDF

RRP $1499