completed install of speakers

MK Sound and Marantz

This 3.1 system was limited by the construction and design of the home. The speaker of choice for this installation is MK sound for there high quality and small footprint, the customer also requested the subwoofer to be up off the ground so a custom bracket was also manufactured for this installation. The amplifier is a Marantz NR1608 with Heos built in, also supplied is a Heos 1 to complement the Marantz unit. The customer also mentioned they still have many records so a Thorens record player was also supplied.

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MK Sound subwoofer bracketcompleted install of speakers

Heos Package

Heos AVR Package – $7500

Running cables in a two story home can be impossible without making holes everywhere so we finding a speaker package to suit your home or apartment can be very difficult. Our custom solution for you is the HEOS AVR package with cinema quality audio from MK sound, it is for this difficult rooms where sound qualify is not sacrificed over convenience.Heos AVR Package


The advantages with this system is that it is a multi room audio system, if at any time other rooms need a speaker, it is possible to relocate both HEOS 3 units in different rooms for whenever you’re entertaining and require extra speakers, configuration is simple through the free HEOS app. With this package you can stream music to three different rooms and then place the speakers back in the theatre room for your 5.1 home theatre system.

RRP $8,244 for only $7,500

Plus installation and various cable and leads, if required.

Do you need a TV or projector? why not ask us about it.

Heos AVR front


Make a fashion statement with this brushed aluminium HEOS AVR. The HEOS AVR is a full 5.1 home theatre system with all the streaming services you would expect from a streaming solution, even play high-resolution audio. With 5 speaker terminals at the rear, just connect your speaker and away you go, or just connect your front speakers and use any pair of your favorite HEOS speakers as wireless rear surround speakers and now play in surround sound. Then add a HEOS Sub and wirelessly connect it to the AVR to create a full 5.1 system, now your cooking with fire!

Take Control

With the easy-to-use remote control of the HEOS AVR you have the main functions always ready at hand. Additionally, it offers instant access to 6 audio presets, so you can choose between optimized settings for different music or movie scenarios.

Heos AVR back4K ultra HD

No doubt, that the HEOS AVR is also completely future-proof with the latest HDMI standards. With four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure that you can enjoy your movies in 4K Ultra HD. Regarding sound, you can count on Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio.

HEOS AVR Product Brochure


home theatre front

Home Theatre Installation in Singleton

Serving our existing customers is very important to us. When we received a call that one of our customers was moving from Weston to Singleton and asked to re-install both home theatre systems what we previously installed twelve months prior, we could not say no.

We re-installed two home theatre systems, wall mounted six TV’s, a pair of ceiling speakers in the kitchen, a pair of outdoor speakers, four TV outlets, and installed three data outlets.

TV wall mounthome theatre installedhome theatre lounge roomrear home theatresecond room home theatresecond home theatre completedsecond home theatre rearceiling speakersoutdoor speakers

Stockton Holiday Park Home Theatre System

Stockton Beach Holiday Park AV system

We were commissioned by Newcastle City Council to install a theatre system for the new Stockton Beach Holiday Park Camp Kitchen. Specification from council was the projector had to be bright and the sound had to fill the room. We also completed this project under budget.

When we were contacted it was at a late stage of the build which made our job even harder for installing all the cabling. The brackets which support the projector screen was all built in-house by us as they were not commercially available, the boards which the speakers are mounted to were also made in-house by us, as the studs in the walls did not line up with both side walls (and front), we had to come up with a solution that not only looked attractive but had to position all the speaker in the correct and uniform position.

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unpacking speakersmain system locationempty side viewsurround speaker left locationsurround speaker right locationfront view of cablingfront view of cabling workfront viewprojector screen testingprojector screenprojector bracketsepson projectoradjusting projectorFront sideviewcontrol systemfront speaker without grillright side speaker viewMarantz amplifier and Samsung PVRspeaker and control system view


Williams Designer Homes Installation

This installation was completed for Tony, director of Williams Designer Homes, and was featured in the Newcastle Herald. The installation starting with the home theatre is a 5.1.2 system, comprised of a Denon Atmos amplifier, Jamo flush mount speaker, Screen Technics projector screen, Epson projector a Samsung blu-ray recorder (PVR) and a URC iPad remote control system. The URC remote control system enables the system to be controlled anywhere in the room, so that has enabled us to place all the equipment at the back of the room where it is all out of site.

As for the rest of the house, the award winning Heos by Denon was chosen, we installed two Heos Amp‘s with Jamo speakers, a Heos HomeCinema soundbar and Samsung TV.

Both Heos Amp’s and the data network are centralised within the home on a top shelf of the walk-in closet, the entire Heos system is used from either their iPads or iPhones.

Lounge Room TV Wall Mount - TeralbaHeos HomeCinemaHeos SoundbarHeos subwoofer

Left Surrond and Atmos Speaker with carpet - Teralbaequipment behind seatsHome Theatre equipment close - TeralbaHome Theatre Teralba - URC 3Home Theatre Teralba - URC 2Home Theatre Teralba - URC 1Home Theatre surround - Teralbahome theatre frontHome Theatre system
Home Theatre central cabling - TeralbaHome Theatre central cabling complete - Teralba

Heos Kitchen holes - Teralba

HDMI over fibre optics lead

long HDMI runs, over fibre optics cable

HDMI cable has come a long way from the early days where they were first HDMI logointroduced. Originally HDMI cables only supported video and required a second cable to carry the audio, and then not to mention the limitations on distance. Though with addition equipment, that all be overcome, but some good news is on the horizon. A manufacturer has developed a hybrid HDMI cable and although there are other versions available from different manufacturers, what sets this one apart from the rest is it has been certified to transmit 18Gbps (in line with current quality HDMI leads), it has been developed and is currently for sale. HDMI over fibre optics is a relatively new technology, and as all HDMI cables currently use copper conductors to transmit the video and audio (with 19 conductors/wires in each lead), there is a lot of information that needs to be transmitted. However, with the advent of HDMI over fibre optics, distance limitations are virtually eliminated, there is only a single lead which also makes the lead much thinner as well.HDMI over fibre optics lead

How HDMI over fibre optics work is that there is a microchip in the head of the connector on each end that transforms the electrical signals into light and back again on the other end. Light is used to transmit the information as opposed to copper conductors, this is why distance is eliminated, copper wires can induce interference and the longer the cable, the more the signal degrades as well. So most cables will be designed to be directional and will be marked, the physical size of the microchip of a fibre optics HDMI lead is also no bigger than then size of a standard sized plug so really the only way to know if it’s a fibre optics HDMI lead will be either the lead is over 20 meters long, or the cable itself will be thinner than usual.

HDMI over data cableThere are other systems on the market currently that extends HDMI signals over 20 meters, but they use external transmitters and receivers which in some cases is unrealistic to use and not to mention bulky as well. The head of the new HDMI leads is still about the same size with the microprocessor built-in, it still looks like a conventional lead but comes in various lengths.

At the time of writing this blog, the only downside with this new type of lead is the price; a 12-meter lead can set you back $450, a 30 meter is about $890, then for those really long runs, a 305 meter lead is $2,800.


This type of lead is a very good idea if you need a high definition picture to a TV outside from your home theatre system or in another room where conventional HDMI lead is unable to reach, it will simplify the installation with a single lead without worrying about any other converters or boosters.


THX logo

Just like Dolby Digital, The THX experence

What is THX in a nutshell?

THX is a set of specifications, it’s comes fromStar Wars DVD cover George Lucas, the producer of “Star Wars” and was developed after “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” to enhance the experience of movie watching, George hired an audio scientist by the name of Tomlinson Holman to look into ways of improving audio capabilities from the movie set to the theatre and from there THX was born.

THX stands for Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment.

THX also includes a sets guidelines for room acoustics, reverberation time, background noise, and noise isolation to ensure that every detail of the sonic presentation is accurately delivered the way the filmmaker intended. But it’s not just about sound. THX sets standards for viewing angles, projectors and onscreen lighting levels, to make sure that the best possible image is THX diagramalways displayed.  It is designed to be played at a reference level, these are just the basics and can get very involved.

What is Reference Level?

Reference Level is a specific loudness (when turning the volume up, the volume will reach “0” and keep going +1, +2 ect, “0” is reference level for all THX Certified Receivers) where no detail in the audio is lost and no artefacts like audio clipping or distortion is introduced, the system can be driven at this level without any effect at all. This level of loudness could annoy your neighbours and some family members so at times it is you may necessary to turn the volume down below reference level.

Listening to below Reference Level.

It maybe necessary to listen to a movie below reference level so as not to annoy other people around you in other rooms, doing so at times is a must but you as the viewer experiencing the movie will suffer, when lowering the volume you also lower the bass, the surround effects, and then the experience. To combat this problem THX has come up with THX Loudness Plus. How loudness plus works is when you adjust the volume below reference level, the surround speakers are changed automatically so detail in the audio is preserved and you still can experience the all the effects at any volume setting.

What types of THX certifications are there?

THX have a number of certification and there based on room size;Marantz Receiver

THX Select2 – this requires a room size of 56 cubic meters with a viewing distance of three to three and a half meters.

THX Ultra2 – this requires a room size of 85 cubic meters with a viewing distance of three and a half meters, THX Ultra2 is a 7.1 extension of the original THX Ultra specification.

THX I/S Plus Systems – Certified Systems (AV Receiver + Speaker Bundle) have the power to fill a small home theatre or room where the viewing distance from the screen is 1.8 to 2.5 meters.

Why use THX certified speakers?

There are many categories of THX certification when it comes to speakers, but reasons to choose any certified speaker over a stock stand speaker system is;

  • Crisp, clear sound fills your room: THX Ultra2, MK Sound SpeakersSelect2 and Multimedia speaker certification categories deliver amazing performances based on your room size.
  • Intelligible dialogue and ambient sounds: THX Certified Front Speakers feature Controlled Directivity, both vertically and horizontally for the best audio experience wherever you sit.
  • Smooth panning from your TV: THX Certified Surround Speakers feature THX Technologies to ensure the best possible playback experience.
  • Powerful studio volume: THX Reference Level delivers studio volume and fidelity with low distortion and noise.
  • Easily mix and match brands: With a single standardized bass configuration, you can easily and confidently use any THX Certified product together.

THX Video games

Some video games are produced in THX, the results will speak for itself when playing an action game with effects from the sides and behind, it’ll make your head turn.


There are many sound systems on the market and they are NOT all created evenly, so serious considerations need to take place of your requirements of your new home theatre system, is the room dedicated for the home theatre or are you using your lounge room? Are you willing to spend a minimum of twenty thousand dollars and of course much more if required to product the correct environment? Do you want to create an experience or just make some noise? Lots of thought needs to go into a system before even thinking of starting, and consulting an expert that will come out to your home is an absolute must.


Heos Soundbar

How To Select The Perfect Soundbar

There are many soundbars on the market these days. From a standalone basic soundbar to soundbars that can be connected to the internet and incorporate all the bells and whistles of a full home theatre system. However, selecting the correct one to suit your lifestyle can be confusing, so which is the right one for you.

The base model, standalone soundbarBoston soundbar

A basic soundbar will consist of the soundbar itself and a remote control, very basic indeed. Prices usually start from $369 for a quality basic model like the Boston Acoustics TVee 10, but you will find other “no frills” brands cheaper. How they work is a fibre optics cable out of the TV and straight into the soundbar. To adjust the volume on the soundbar, the remote control that came with the soundbar is used. The next model up will come with a subwoofer to give you better sound effects, some more oomph to the movie. The subwoofers are wireless from the soundbar itself, so only a power point is required.

Soundbars with processing power

Next, in the list are soundbars with some kind processing. They will incorporate features like Bluetooth or NFC (near field communications), HDMI inputs, USB inputs and different sound effect settings. They will also start boasting about all the technologies behind them like audio beaming, auto lip-sync and even Dolby Atmos, as well as other technologies alike. You would expect to pay around $500 and more for a quality brand, of course, less for “no frills” brands.

Heos Sound BarThe networkable soundbar

For those that want a flexible soundbar that can do just about everything except wash the dishes. A networkable soundbar like the Denon Heos HomeCinema is what you might need. They incorporate everything above including networking capabilities. What this means is the soundbar can be controlled off a smart device like an iPhone/iPad, Android device. They can access internet radio as well as directly stream music from your device. Volume from the TV can be controlled directly from the TV remote so no second remote control is needed. The Heos soundbar is $1499, other equivalent brands with will vary in price around this figure.


Depending on your budget and requirements, there is a soundbar that will suit all situations. There are many different brands; they come in many different sizes as well. They can also come custom built to suit your TV perfectly if you are willing to spend the money. However, do not think for a second that a soundbar is as good as a home theatre system. Do not get sold on the idea that a soundbar will sound as good as a proper full home theatre system. They never will, for example, a Dolby Atmos soundbars will never work properly because the room it will live in will never be the right shape for the audio to bounce off. There has been a few article from ACA is an excellent demonstration of retail store attitude is to only SELL SELL SELL. A soundbar is an excellent solution to a common problem and should only be used as a substitution for TV speakers only. The reason being is that TV’s now lack the depth for decent size speakers and, as a result, they lack sound quality. A soundbar will always entirely fill that position. So next time when your shopping for a soundbar, consider what you want to achieve first before purchasing one.

Soundbar testing

m&k m7 speakers

THX certified M&K M7 surround sound

In this installation we used the famous M&K M7 THX certified speaker package with Jamo IC406 as the Atmos speakers. We used a Denon AVR-X1200W receiver an Epson EH-TW9200 projector and the Australian made Screen Technics 115 inch projector screen, Foxtel, Fetch TV and a PS4 is used as a Blu-Ray player was also connected, both sound system and projector were calibrated for optimal performance. In the lounge room, the TV was already wall mount, we mounted the Heos HomeCinema soundbar. This installation was completed in Chisholm.

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Back Wall Denon receiver Front Wall Side Front Wall Heos Soundbar M&K M7 front completed grill off M&K M7 front completed grill on M&K M7 Front Speakers M&K M7 front wall in progress M&K M7 Rear Speakers completed M&K M7 Rear Wall M&K M7 Subwoofer Rear Side Wall