Single Remote or Ipad/Android control for home theatre or home automation

With technology all around us we have a remote control for just about everything, it’s only a matter of time that manufactures come out with a remote control for a fridge… But since technology is the course of our complicated lives, can technology make our lives easier as well? The simple answer is yes. Controlling a home theatre system from a single remote has never been so easy as it is now, how would you like to turn on your home theatre system, TV and Foxtel box all with single button and the same with turning it off too? That’s one less headache to worry about learning to use and not to mention the less technology orientated people will love these devices and will start to love their home theatre system instead of being scared of using it.

A remote control can consist of many different devices from a smart remote control that can look like any other remote control, to an iPad, iPhone and any Android device. There will be two manufactures we will be talking about in this blog, but not all manufactures will make a remote for all devices so you’ll need to check it out first before purchasing it. The two we’ll be talking about is Logitech and URC.


Logitech make great products, there is no doubt about that, and there range of remote controls on offer are no exception. To complement the range of remote controls, what Logitech have come up with is an easy to follow program for your computer to program up the remote control yourself. Basically all you need to do is enter the product brand and model number into the program as each device you have and the Logitech program will sort out all the buttons for you, all you need to do is follow the prompts, easy!

But technology isn’t 100% bullet proof and problem can occur during programming, if this ever happens to you, Logitech have a great backup service to help you with any difficult buttons or codes that can come along from time to time, at times even we have had problems when programming a remotes for customers, but Logitech have always come through for us.

Logitech make a large range of remote controls, all the way from a basic 3 device control all the way up to 15 device remote control with iPad and android control via Bluetooth, so basically choose the remote control the suits you the best or the one that looks the most appealing.


Home Automation

everything that Logitech can do, but can also control multiple rooms in a house all from one app. The next level up is the URC remote control range, what makes this product great is URC not only can do p. All though URC still makes a range of remotes for a single room that is a simple solution, URC takes it to the next level and can control lights, blinds, air conditioning, security systems, security cameras, multi-room sound systems including Sonos as well as full home theatre systems, Xbox and Apple TV. URC is all modular so we build it up to your requirements and we can also add to it later on if required. From a consumers stand point this system is not programmable yourself, a technician that has been trained in programming URC devices is required, and anyway with a complicated system like this, would you even want to program it yourself? URC can look like a complex system if your not familiar with it but at the same time it is a very easy system to use, it is by far a superior and advanced that can be very helpful for you when setup and used in the right way.

So regardless of what your situation is, there is a remote control solution for every situation regardless of whether it’s controlling a TV and DVD player to a full home theatre system to your entire home.

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