Remote Control System

As the leading home automation/integration company for the Newcastle and Hunter region, ELAN Remote Control System to Control Home Automationwe know what works and what just simply doesn’t. A single remote control that will control your entire home theatre system is a great solution to your problem. But controlling home theatre equipment isn’t the only thing we can control.

  • Lighting
  • Multi-room audio systems
  • Multi-room video systems
  • Blinds and shades
  • Gates
  • TV lifters
  • Heating and cooling
  • Fans
  • Security systems
  • and much more…

As a leader in the home automation industry, if you can think of it, we can automate it. A single button on your remote control can turn on your home theatre equipment, lower the blind, slowly dim the lights until they are off, or open a front gate and cascade the light on in the evening to create an effect for visitors. Anything your imagination can create, we can do.

A lot of installation companies create on/off switches only, we go the next step and create effects and utilise the home automation system to its full capacity.

We can create a simple single room solution to an entire home automation solution so you can control everything you need to control.

We can custom quote a project as a complete solution for you. If you are building or renovating, we can work in with your builder and electrician, or we can also quote the electrical and automation to create a package deal just for you.

Elan automation user interface

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