A lighting control solution incorporated into a home automation system allows the home owner to easily control all the lights from either a central location or from a mobile device like a phone or tablet. We have a variety of solutions that range from standard toggles or dimmers, and LED bulbs to strip lighting to RGB (red, green and blue) lighting for indoor lighting to outdoor garden lights and flood lights for outdoor lighting.

Home automation lighting control Elan touch screen

Lighting Control Scenes

Automation for a lighting control solution can allow us to get very creative with the creation of scenes or lighting moods. One button can turn on / off or dim any number of lights or the lights can be triggered from another system like an alarm system being activated – or even if the home owner arrive home late at night. Lights can be automatically triggered to create any combination of scenes and multiple scenes can be created for different situations where every home will have a unique requirement.

The creation of scenes can be accomplished in a number of ways which also includes the home owner being able to create their own custom scenes at any time.

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