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Building or renovating a home can be joyful or a downright nightmare if you’re unsure of what you need, but this is an excellent time in invest in new technology to make your life not just easier but more enjoyable!

Generally speaking, pre-wiring your home will be cheaper to do in the build stage then after, but you need to know if the electrician can install all the correct cable like the TV antenna cable, phone cable and data cables. There are some rules and regulations that need to be followed, and not all electricians know what they are.

Putting up a timber framed wall or gyprock is easy but do you know what kind of controls are available to make your life easier? Do you know what would be the best home theatre system for your needs are? What about a multi-room audio system, and speaker to suit. What if you only require a single Foxtel IQ service and would like to distribute that throughout the house, not to mention running the right cables for all the equipment you will need. What about your TV antenna system, will you require your TV antenna to be updated.

How would you like to control all your lights? What about turning on and off your home theatre system, or change the TV or Foxtel channel or even change a song that is playing through the ceiling speakers in a different room or out on the patio all from your iPad or iPhone? Control lighting, air conditioning, blinds and shutters, we can do it all! We know all the trick, and we can set you up with whatever your mind can come up with.

We can come in and have a look at the plans, make suggestions and throw ideas back and forth, talk about what you’d like to have in your new home.

When you’re ready with the plans or even in the mid-stages of the build, give Custom Audio Visual Solutions a call, and we’ll have all your requirements sorted out and installed.