Soundbars by Boston Acoustics & ZVOX

SoundbarA soundbar is the perfect alternative to a home theatre system. We supply and install Jamo, Boston Acoustics, Denon and ZVOX. We only sell the most practical and best soundbars, we are able to deliver direct to you if you wish to install yourself.

We have many available, not only are we able to install it in front of the TV but we can also wall mount it for you and if either solutions are not possible, we have the ZVOX where the TV can sit on top of the soundbar.

We come across one problem from time to time and no retail outlet has answered the call… The question we hear is “we do not want a full home theatre system but we want better speakers then the regular TV speakers. All the soundbars we have seen are too big, they block the bottom of the TV screen and we don’t want to wall mount the TV or the soundbar. Have you got a solution for our problem?”. We answer this question very easily, as mentioned above, we’re able to supply a product called the ZVOX.


  Boston Acoustics