AV Receivers and Amp supply and setup

The heart of a home theatre system is the amplifier, but choosing the right AV receiver can be a nightmare. A display in any retail store can be confusing, even for the salesman, to know every model, the power consumption, the correct speaker to connect and all the features are near impossible. At Custom Audio Visual Solutions we take a different approach. We only supply a limited number of brands, but we know what works to produce the best possible sound, with your budget in mind, and we come out to you. We will advise you on the best amplifier for your room. We only supply the best in the market, not everything on the market.

We can supply and install your new AV receiver, and after your painless purchase we can also calibrate your new receiver so you know you’re getting the best possible performance from it straight after installation. As a small independent company, our backup support is fantastic. No job is complete until you’re satisfied, comfortable, and know how to use your new home theatre receiver to its fullest extent. When it comes to your first home theatre system, or an upgrade, or even a replacement amplifier, there is only one company to call.

We stock the two main leading brands in AV Receivers and Amps that cover all your bases:

  Marantz AV Receivers & Amps


  Denon AV Receivers & Amps