MK S150MKII System

The MK S150 MKII system employs MK SOUNDs breakthrough Phase-Focused crossover technology. MK S150 MKII SystemThe crossover is computer-designed for the ultimate in coherent response over a wide and controlled listening window (including in the vertical plane, which is critical when surround speakers are located above listeners heads). This unique crossover is critically tuned through both psychoacoustic analysis and complex computer time-domain analysis to achieve a uniform timbre balance throughout the listening room.

If you want your movies and music to sound they way they did when the producers and engineers were creating them, this is the speaker system to own. Front and rear satellites incorporate effective magnetic shielding with MK SOUNDs high-performance Ferromagnetic Shielding System. Magnetic shielding of the subwoofer bass drivers means that you can even place the subwoofer near the television or CPU for the ultimate in flexibility.

In 1991, MK SOUND became one of the first manufacturers to join George Lucas and his Lucasfilm Home THX program. The original THX program was created to ensure that movie theatres meet strict quality standards. The THX logo immediately became recognized as a seal of approval for quality-conscious cinema goers around the world. Today, THX Ultra is the highest, independent quality standard dedicated to the accurate reproduction of multichannel audio sources in the home. The MK SOUND 150 THX system meets or exceeds THX Ultra specifications to deliver music and movies with natural, effortless realism and power.

The 150 THX is the speaker system that made MK SOUND the choice of professionals. Not only is it the audiophile 5.1 channel standard, it is one of the most popular systems in multi-channel studios today.

This is the classic MK SOUND THX Ultra monitoring system found in hundreds of professional studios, including Skywalker Ranch, and thousands of home theatres. Its musical sound, wide dynamics, and excellent imaging make it the choice of professionals and enthusiasts for both movies and music. Despite the compact size of the satellites (less than a single cubic foot), the system produces amazing output levels with tremendous clarity and low distortion.

More about the S150 MkII LCR front speaker:

This is THE loudspeaker that helped shape Home Theater (and music recording) into what it is today the legendary and accredited S-150. For the first time since its introduction nearly 15 years ago, the S-150 has been updated in every aspect, from driver technologies to crossover design to cabinet tuning and construction. The result is the new S-150MKII THX Ultra2.
The razor-sharp imaging of the S-150MKII THX Ultra2 is due in part to innovative front-baffle foam treatments, cabinet design, and in great part to the Phase-Focused crossover.

The crossover combines three important design elements: Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis, and Point-in-Space Analysis (a three-dimensional analysis of the speakers actual response in the room). While other crossover designs consider just frequency response on one axis, MK Sound considers response at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes, optimizing the speakers three-dimensional response. This critically tuned crossover yields a very smooth and linear response over a wide listening window (very important for home theater) and assists in providing a more focused and coherent sound for the listener.
Three high-quality 1 polymer coated silk soft-dome, ferrofluid cooled dual-magnet tweeters are aligned in a vertical array, each utilizing a unique, specially designed polymeric-damped rear cavity to further enhance its superior sound. The S-150MKII THX Ultra2 dual high-performance 5 1/4 mineral-filled polypropylene cone, magnetically shielded, dual-magnet cast basket woofers produce powerful, richly detailed low frequencies. Based on MKs Professional Monitors and designed for music and theater systems in small to large size rooms, the S-150MKII delivers unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and dynamics while effortlessly handling voices, percussive effects, and musical instruments with life-like impact, and is timbre-matched to the MP-150 and S- 150T. Available in black satin finish with black cloth grille.

This is THE loudspeaker chosen by:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • DreamWorks SKG
  • DTS
  • HBO Productions
  • Lucasfilm LTD
  • Paramount Studios
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Sony Music & Pictures
  • Universal Studios
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Warner Brothers Studios
  • and more

RRP $13,999