MK Movie Pack

Making MK SOUND performance more affordable than ever before, the attractive,MK Movie Pack diminutive MK Movie Pack can be located virtually anywhere in your room for great sound.

Because we know that you’ll be using your speaker system for more than just watching movies, we have engineered the Movie System to deliver the best musical performance in its class in addition to unsurpassed reproduction of film soundtracks.

And while their size makes them easy to hide from view, you’ll be proud to display these little jewels. The Movie System continues the MK SOUND legacy of loudspeakers that satisfy audiophiles, audio professionals, and the worlds most demanding audio critics for both music and movies.

Movie K5 Front Loudspeaker

This compact but mighty speaker utilizes a full MK SOUND Phase Focused crossover network (the same type found in our top of the line precision professional studio monitors) to feed its 1 neodymium magnet dome tweeter and 4 cast basket coated pulp cone woofer. For your convenience, the K5 can be oriented horizontally or vertically for practical integration in any living space. Its clarity and definition will amaze you. No other loudspeaker of such modest dimensions comes close to the well-defined, extended, and detailed sound.

Movie K4 Tripole Surround Loudspeaker

The K4 Tripole allows multi-channel audio enthusiasts to enjoy MK SOUND’s exclusive Tripole technology at its most affordable price in a very compact size. K4 offers the best of both worlds direct-radiated sound that is ideal for music, and a diffused rear sound field, replicating the professional surround installation arrays found in the finest cinemas.

The Tripole design provides very even illumination of sound throughout the listening area, allowing listeners to sit anywhere in the room and hear superior imaging and three-dimensional realism from the surround channels. The K4 Tripole speaker is specifically designed for surround use in a home theatre environment and shares the technology and drivers of the K5. Crucial timbre matching results in a seamless sphere of surround sound.

Movie KX10 Subwoofer

The KX10 subwoofer delivers incredible output from an ultra-compact package. This remarkably tight and musical sub uses a special high-performance 8 Super Fast Deep Bass long-throw driver. The sealed Deep Bass enclosure design delivers enhanced low frequency extension, especially for a cabinet this size, with useful output down to 30 Hz.

A two-position phase switch ensures easy integration of the subwoofer and K5/K4 satellites in any room. Speaker level and line level connections are included for maximum set-up flexibility. An automatic On/Standby switching circuit activates the amplifier when a signal is detected and turns it off after a period with no signal. Magnetic shielding allows placement near sensitive CRT televisions.

The all-discrete 150 Watt power amplifier circuit features exceptional sonics. Thanks to MK SOUND’s unique Headroom Maximizer, KX10 achieves the best musical performance in its class with incredibly powerful and dynamic output.

RRP $2,499