Jamo A230HCS6

Thanks to its discreet and elegant design, theJamo A320HCS6 Jamo A320HCS6 Home Theatre speaker package will suit most small to average size living rooms. The well thought-out design allows the speakers to be placed virtually anywhere – horizontally or vertically – on the floor or on the wall (wall-brackets and table-stands are included – floor-stands are optional).

You get four A320 Surrounds, matching A3CEN.4 and SUB250 8″ Active Subwoofer in this package


The A320 is a very compact two-way satellite speaker featuring a 31/4″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter. It reproduces the mid and upper range frequencies with full fidelity and very natural sounding vocals. Mount the speaker on the wall with the ingenious fittings supplied or on the dedicated table-stand: it’s your choice as both are included with the speaker. Alternatively you can mount the speaker on the optional A320FS floor stand

Matched Centre speaker

The A3CEN.4 is specifically designed to work with both the A320 and A340.This centre speaker features a two-way system with two woofers and a tweeter. This results in very natural vocals, giving perfect dialogue reproduction during movies. And the low-profile design offers a perfect match for the new flat screen TVs on the market. The wall bracket allows users to tilt the speaker upwards or downwards – so that, regardless of whether it’s placed on top of or below the screen, it can be aimed towards the listening position

Powerful Active Subwoofer

The 8″ SUB250 incorporates its bass port into the cabinet housing, a unique design resulting in very deep bass down to 30 Hz – without the large enclosure usually needed to achieve this. It features a powerful BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 250 W of peak power. This highly efficient digital amplifier generates more power with less heat than standard amplifiers. The SUB250 also features a Bass Limiter, ensuring that the sound reproduced is exactly as it’s intended – clean and undistorted

Optional STA320 stands are available – $159 RRP per pair

Note: The details in the ‘Specifications’ tab refer to the main front speaker in this package. For details on all the models, download the ‘Product Info’ PDF

RRP $1499