Home Automation in Merewether

Home Automation

This House was complete in the Hills of Merewether. The home automation system which is the brains of it all, controls the lighting, air-conditioning systems, garage roller door, TVs in the lounge room, master bedroom and the home theatre room. It also controls the Heos multi-room audio system in the theatre room, downstairs bar area, kitchen/dinning and outdoor deck. Amazon Alexa is also installed so voice commands can be given to turn light on/off or dimm to any percentage. It can also turn the TV on and off in the lounge room and also control and set the temperty on the air conditioning system.

The main parts of the system which is the Elan automation controller, the two Foxtel boxes, data network and Wi-Fi system with the CCTV system are all housed in dedicated communications cupboard. One Foxtel box is dedicated for the home theatre room to ensure full surround sound is produced and then there is a second Foxtel box that is distributed throughout the house to all other TVs.

Remote Control and touchscreens

The handheld remote control that is installed also has the ability to turn on/off or dim different light within the house while still retaining its original functions of controlling the TV and Foxtel through the upgraded Wi-Fi system. The handheld remote also has the ability to be used in different rooms, the remote can also turn the air-conditioner on or off as well as set the temperature and open or close the roller door in the garage.

There are two Daikin LCD touchscreens throughout the house that we’ve managed to convert over to use with the automation system, so not only can the owners control the air conditioning system in what was only one room – now they have the ability to control the entire house from it including both downstairs and upstairs air conditioning systems.

Home theatre

The home theatre system is made up of a 75″ Samsung TV, MK Sound wall mounted speakers, two 8″ Sunfire long throw subwoofers, Samsung 4K bluray player, with a Heos AVR and the wireless Heos 3 surround.

Additional equipment installed

Also installed is a seven channel CCTV system that can be viewed from either an app of from a laptop computer. It can be viewed from anywhere in the world. There is also an automation app that can be installed on any phone and tablet. Programming can be done by allowing individuals to only control particular room/s or the entire house. The automation system can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

More information about parts of the system, go to www.elanhomesystems.com and https://mksound.com and https://www.au.denon.com/au/heos and https://www.sunfire.com/

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