Heos Sub

A Wireless sub will add powerful bass to any HEOS device, just set and Heos Subforget. Wireless audio system use to be just a single unit, play one of your favorite songs and unless you had large speakers, bass was alway lacking. Not anymore, with the HEOS Sub you can connect this subwoofer witlessly to ANY of the HEOS unit including the HEOS AVR, Amp and Link, create the bass you desire. Wither it is just a little bit or a hole lot more, the HEOS Sub can deliver.

Beauty Runs in the family

As it is a Heos device, it definitely makes a statement with if matt black finish, and because it’s wireless, placing it anywhere in the room is possible, even laying on it’s side.

ConnectivityHeos Sub back

Although the HEOS Sub is wireless, it also incorporates a USB port and a network port. Plug a thumb drive full of your favorite music into the HEOS Sub and now you can play that music to any HEOS device in the house.

HEOS Sub Product brochure

HEOS Sub RRP $999