Heos by Denon – Multi-Room Audio (Part 2)

Controlling and using the Heos System

The Heos app could not be any easier to control, the Heos system can be controlled from any apple and android device, so this means you can stream music off your phone or tablet straight into the speaker through your home Wi-Fi, it’s all done directly from the Heos app, also on the app you can create your own playlist too. Playing music on an external hard drive like a NAS and not to mention internet radio is also just at a figurers touch. The Heos app  has Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn (radio stations from around the world) preloaded, it doesn’t have as many as Sonos currently but as with any new product the list will grow in time. The entire Heos range has AUX input and as we mentioned you could plug in your TV in, or you could use the input to connect an external CD player or anything else you would like that has an A/V output.

Party mode

If you’re holding a function or party, this is a great feature of the system, link all your portable speakers together through the app (iPhone, iPad, Android…) and you have created one large sound system, place the speakers in any desired place to create an orr inspiring wireless sound system. Denon Heos 7


Sonos largest wireless speaker is the equivalent size of the Heos middle sized speaker, and not to mention the Heos RRP in line with sonos’s pricing so not only is it competitive, Heos is a far superior product for the RRP on offer.


Although the Heos will do everything the Sonos can does, the Heos system is much easier to control and has many more inputs to choose from, Sonos is more of technology company where Denon is an audio company and the amount of awards the Heos system have won are on going, not to mention Choice Magazine did reviews no half a dozen wireless systems including Bose and Sonos and the results were Heos 7 and Heos 5 were at the top of list. The Heos 7 also is larger than the Sonos PLAY:5 speaker, so you know you’ll be able to fill any room without any problems. The system works through your existing Wi-Fi network so it doesn’t mean having to purchase and network devices with the Sonos, the Heos can also be hardwired as well. No doubt Denon will release more product as time goes on. To get the biggest bang for your buck, the Denon Heos system is the way to go. To conclude, when Sonos announced they were suing Denon through the Sonos website, it has been very interesting to read what Sonos’s own customers have had to say about the Sonos product itself.


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http://blog.sonos.com/news/protecting-what-we-invented/ – Some very interesting comments from Sonos customers

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