Heos BAR Package – $3000

Sometime floor stand speakers are too large or impractical and then running cables in a two story home can be impossible without making holes everywhere so we finding a speaker package to suit your home or apartment can be very difficult. Our custom solution for you is the HEOS BAR package with cinema quality true left, centre and right speakers out of a soundbar with wireless rear Heos 3 speakers, all you need is power, it’s for those difficult roomsheos bar package where sound qualify is not sacrificed over convenience.


The advantages with this system is that it is a true multi room audio system, if at any time other rooms need a speaker, it is possible to relocate both HEOS 3 units in different rooms for whenever you’re entertaining and require extra speakers, configuration is simple through the free HEOS app. With this package you can stream music to three different rooms and then place the speakers back in the theatre room for your 5.1 home theatre system.

RRP $3,346 for only $3,000

Plus installation and various cable and leads, if required.

Do you need a TV or projector? why not ask us about it.