HDMI home or office distribution, the different solutions avalible part 2


HDMI over co-ax, onto a digital TV channel device

Our third option for you is a solution that has the least amount of cables to run, it maybe the best system for the home and would be the easiest for a motel club of pub. So how does this work? Well what we are doing here is change HDMI to a digital TV channel and then mixing it in with the TV antenna system, sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? Simple. Any building can benefit from this solution where there are a few Foxtel boxes and Blu-ray players that need to be distributed around the building. As there are a few different manufactures, there are a few different types out there that either will or will not have an IR extender system built in. of course for a home we would recommend an IR extender built-in.


Our fourth option, and the only option if running cable is not possible, this is a last resort solution. It’s running HDMI via a wireless system. There are a few draw backs with this system and first off distance will play a big factor, just like a long HDMI lead – if the distance for the wireless system is too far, it just won’t work, and you will need to take in consideration about thewalls as well, what there contracted from, if the walls are too thick, it just won’t work. There are a few different manufactures about and each one will work a little bit different, so look into that before you put it in the too hard bracket. Our advice with a wireless system would be, it will only work into the next room, you may get away with putting it 2 rooms away from the main system but any further and you would be pushing its limits, the further away you put the receiver, the more walls it needs to work through which when all added up will make for one very think wall and this will also shorten the distance that it will work at.


HDMI over Cat5 data cable, through the data network

And not to forget our final solution, running HDMI over IP (through your home data network), it’s a great simple solution if your home and a professional look for the office if data cable has already been run to where the TV is or this maybe your only option if only it only has data cable running to the TV. Again there are a few different systems available but the one we’d recommend is a server type of system, it can be connected directly in the Ethernet port of some TV’s without any other extra equipment so it simple to use and there is no limit to the number of TVs that can be connected, so a pub, club, shopping mall, any large premises. Again there are many different IP solutions on the market so make sure you find a system that will meet your needs. There is only one down side with this system and that it unless the data network is 100% correctly configured previously, there maybe issues with the video transfer. Computer data/internet will all be carried on the same cable as HD video so there will be congestion in the network and quality maybe decreased so depending on the current infrastructure, this may not be an option until it’s investigated.
As you can see there are many solutions available so if there is something that you’re interested to know more about please email us, we’re more than happy to guide you on the right path or if you are looking to expand or start building up a new system and would like one of these systems installed, please send us a message below as we’d be more them happy install a solution for you.

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