Flush Mount Verses Free Standing Speakers

Speaker Aesthetics

Aesthetics in a lounge room or home theatre room is a big deal, but so is sound quality, so choosing the correct speaker type and configuration for your home theatre or lounge room isflush mount speaker a big deal. As a sales and installation company, we understand the needs of both and we always let our customers know before making any purchase of both advantages and disadvantages of both systems, though we always lean towards free standing speakers.
There is a lot of controversy between in wall/ceiling speaker as compared to free standing speakers, to the point where many sales people (just to agree and sell you something) and home improvement TV shows are saying “you’re not compromising on sound quality at all with ceiling speaker or in wall speakers”. In our option this is totally incorrect for many reasons.

Home Theatre Compromsing

A compromise is always made with speaker systems, if you want all the speakers hidden away into the wall, then you’re compromising on sound quality, if you’re after sound quality, then it’s the ascetics of the room that will be suffer.
A true high quality home theatre system is completed by choosing free standing speaker. As the speaker is enclosed in a box, that box was especially acoustically designed for that speaker to sound its best, this reinforce the sound that the speaker is creating. As opposed to in wall speakers where there is no backing, the soundJamo C109 quality will be decrease dramatically as the speaker is not working as good as it cold be, for some in wall/ceiling speaker there are back boxes that can be purchased separately to try to improve sound quality, but this was designed to stop sound leaking into other rooms and disturbing other people throughout the house.

Aesthetically Pleasing Free Standing Speakers

jamo 360hcs8Free standing speaker do not need to look ugly, so this depends on what you choose and what your budget is, out in the market there are some very attractive speakers that come in many different sizes to suit many different rooms, the same can be said for in wall/ceiling speakers, there are speakers that have grills on them and then there are speakers that can blend right in with the wall and not even look like there are any speakers there. So choose carefully and do your homework as you’ll be spending many years with the home theatre that will be installed.