Denon Heos 5.1 with Multi-Room Audio, NAS and CCTV

In this installation, the customer’s request was for a home theatre system downstairs, some audio out in swimming pool area, audio upstairs, a CCTV system, along with a NAS to distribute music and movies.

Heos multi-room was the choice for this installation. In the theatre room, a soundbar was used as the customer did not want at the front any floor standing speaker. Only half the room was renovated so the rear speakers are a pair of Heos 1 wirelessly connected to the soundbar to create a 5.1 system. In the cabinet houses a Heos Amp for the pair of black Niles speakers out in the swimming pool area, we wall mounted the TV and also installed all the data cables throughout.

Upstairs a Heos HomeCinema was used for streaming audio as well as for the TV, the TV is installed on a pivoting and the soundbar is mounted on the bracket as well.

The modem, NAS, and CCTV NVR are located in a cupboard. All TV’s and audio equipment’s internet access is all hard-wired back the cupboard, this means all TVs have assess to the NAS where movies and music are distributed.

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Heos soundbar downstairs 1Heos soundbar 2Heos soundbar 3 Denon Heos installation 4Heos subwooferHeos soundbar and Heos AmpHeos 1 surround rightHeos 1 leftNiles outside speakers 1Niles outdoor speakers 2Niles outside speakers 3TV on cabinetBehind TVTV wall mountedTV and Heos installed on pivot bracket 2Heos and TV installation completedData equipment