Tempus Two front entrance speakers

Pokolbin – Tempus Two Audio System

Tempus Two rear left side soundbar Tempus Two rear right side soundbar Tempus Two entrance doors soundbars Tempus Two counter speakers Tempus Two counter left side speakers Tempus Two entrance wall speakers Tempus Two Counter right side speaker

Audio System

Tempus Two in the Hunter Valley comminised us to fit out there cellar door with a sound system. At the time all the had was a Bose Soundlink mini, an upgrade was required! The end result was the following, 2 x Denon Heos 7 and 4 x Denon Heos HomeCinema soundbars.

Now as you walk in, you’re not only greeted by the friendly staff, but also the high quality audio that an awarding winning sound system can only deliver.

For more information on the products we used, please see https://www.au.denon.com/au/

Home theatre system

Home Automation in Merewether

Home Automation

This House was complete in the Hills of Merewether. The home automation system which is the brains of it all, controls the lighting, air-conditioning systems, garage roller door, TVs in the lounge room, master bedroom and the home theatre room. It also controls the Heos multi-room audio system in the theatre room, downstairs bar area, kitchen/dinning and outdoor deck. Amazon Alexa is also installed so voice commands can be given to turn light on/off or dimm to any percentage. It can also turn the TV on and off in the lounge room and also control and set the temperty on the air conditioning system.

The main parts of the system which is the Elan automation controller, the two Foxtel boxes, data network and Wi-Fi system with the CCTV system are all housed in dedicated communications cupboard. One Foxtel box is dedicated for the home theatre room to ensure full surround sound is produced and then there is a second Foxtel box that is distributed throughout the house to all other TVs.

Remote Control and touchscreens

The handheld remote control that is installed also has the ability to turn on/off or dim different light within the house while still retaining its original functions of controlling the TV and Foxtel through the upgraded Wi-Fi system. The handheld remote also has the ability to be used in different rooms, the remote can also turn the air-conditioner on or off as well as set the temperature and open or close the roller door in the garage.

There are two Daikin LCD touchscreens throughout the house that we’ve managed to convert over to use with the automation system, so not only can the owners control the air conditioning system in what was only one room – now they have the ability to control the entire house from it including both downstairs and upstairs air conditioning systems.

Home theatre

The home theatre system is made up of a 75″ Samsung TV, MK Sound wall mounted speakers, two 8″ Sunfire long throw subwoofers, Samsung 4K bluray player, with a Heos AVR and the wireless Heos 3 surround.

Additional equipment installed

Also installed is a seven channel CCTV system that can be viewed from either an app of from a laptop computer. It can be viewed from anywhere in the world. There is also an automation app that can be installed on any phone and tablet. Programming can be done by allowing individuals to only control particular room/s or the entire house. The automation system can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

More information about parts of the system, go to www.elanhomesystems.com and https://mksound.com and https://www.au.denon.com/au/heos and https://www.sunfire.com/

Theatre room before equipment

Theatre Room after speakers installed

theatre room working but not completed

Theatre room completed

Rear of the theatre room before speakers installed

Communications cupboardModem Router upgrade

turning on the air conditioning



Automation lighting



adjusting automation Lighting scene





Automation Media controlautomation foxtel controlautomation TV controlautomation, playing musicInvisible wall speakers being installedinvisible wall speakers completedOutdoor deck speaker

remote control display tempautomation remote control, select a catagory










automation remote control, select a roomautomation remote control, select a radio stationautomation remote control, ready to turn on tv or foxtel or musicautomation remote control controlling TVautomation remote control, how to search for music

Heos soundbar 3

Denon Heos 5.1 with multi-room audio, NAS and CCTV

In this installation, the customer’s request was for a home theatre system downstairs, some audio out in swimming pool area, audio upstairs, a CCTV system, along with a NAS to distribute music and movies.

Heos multi-room was the choice for this installation. In the theatre room, a soundbar was used as the customer did not want at the front any floor standing speaker. Only half the room was renovated so the rear speakers are a pair of Heos 1 wirelessly connected to the soundbar to create a 5.1 system. In the cabinet houses a Heos Amp for the pair of black Niles speakers out in the swimming pool area, we wall mounted the TV and also installed all the data cables throughout.

Upstairs a Heos HomeCinema was used for streaming audio as well as for the TV, the TV is installed on a pivoting and the soundbar is mounted on the bracket as well.

The modem, NAS, and CCTV NVR are located in a cupboard. All TV’s and audio equipment’s internet access is all hard-wired back the cupboard, this means all TVs have assess to the NAS where movies and music are distributed.

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Heos soundbar downstairs 1Heos soundbar 2Heos soundbar 3 Denon Heos installation 4Heos subwooferHeos soundbar and Heos AmpHeos 1 surround rightHeos 1 leftNiles outside speakers 1Niles outdoor speakers 2Niles outside speakers 3TV on cabinetBehind TVTV wall mountedTV and Heos installed on pivot bracket 2Heos and TV installation completedData equipment

completed install of speakers

MK Sound and Marantz

This 3.1 system was limited by the construction and design of the home. The speaker of choice for this installation is MK sound for there high quality and small footprint, the customer also requested the subwoofer to be up off the ground so a custom bracket was also manufactured for this installation. The amplifier is a Marantz NR1608 with Heos built in, also supplied is a Heos 1 to complement the Marantz unit. The customer also mentioned they still have many records so a Thorens record player was also supplied.

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MK Sound subwoofer bracketcompleted install of speakers

home theatre front

Home Theatre Installation in Singleton

Serving our existing customers is very important to us. When we received a call that one of our customers was moving from Weston to Singleton and asked to re-install both home theatre systems what we previously installed twelve months prior, we could not say no.

We re-installed two home theatre systems, wall mounted six TV’s, a pair of ceiling speakers in the kitchen, a pair of outdoor speakers, four TV outlets, and installed three data outlets.

TV wall mounthome theatre installedhome theatre lounge roomrear home theatresecond room home theatresecond home theatre completedsecond home theatre rearceiling speakersoutdoor speakers

Newcastle - The Hill - home theatre installation

MK Speakers with the Denon AVR-X4300H

This home theatre installation was completed in the heart of Newcastle at The Hill. We were approached by the owners to fit out there room, in this projector we worked along side the builder and tradesmen from Vogue Lifestyle who were very easy to get along with. The customers requirements was simple, the speakers had to be white, the screen had to be as large as practical and simple to use. The customer also had existing equipment that they wanted to untilise, being a projector, Blu-ray player and Apple TV. The equipment we supplied and installed was a digital set top box, a 110″ electric screen from Screen Technics, Denon AVR-X4300H with Heos built in (also not pictured a Heos 3 HS2), an earth thumping Sunfire Atmos subwoofer and the speaker brand of choice that most movie studios use when editing there Movies is the MK Sound, we selected the M5 speaker pack. To protect the entire system we used a Furman AC210A, and simply the use of all the equipment we installed the URC Complete Control system on there iPad.

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Projector cabling installCorner cabinet cabling installationFront home theatre system installationInstall home theatre amplifierhome theatre equipmentCabinet doors closedrear home theatreM&K Sound M5 Speakers at the back of the roomM5 rear left speaker, grill onMK M5 rear right speaker, grill offhome theatre, projector screen upM&K M% home theatre, projector screen downM%K M5 home theatre, speaker grill offMK M5 front speakerURC complete control home pageURC Complete Control TV pageURC Complete Control, Apple TV page


Stockton Holiday Park Home Theatre System

Stockton Beach Holiday Park AV system

We were commissioned by Newcastle City Council to install a theatre system for the new Stockton Beach Holiday Park Camp Kitchen. Specification from council was the projector had to be bright and the sound had to fill the room. We also completed this project under budget.

When we were contacted it was at a late stage of the build which made our job even harder for installing all the cabling. The brackets which support the projector screen was all built in-house by us as they were not commercially available, the boards which the speakers are mounted to were also made in-house by us, as the studs in the walls did not line up with both side walls (and front), we had to come up with a solution that not only looked attractive but had to position all the speaker in the correct and uniform position.

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unpacking speakersmain system locationempty side viewsurround speaker left locationsurround speaker right locationfront view of cablingfront view of cabling workfront viewprojector screen testingprojector screenprojector bracketsepson projectoradjusting projectorFront sideviewcontrol systemfront speaker without grillright side speaker viewMarantz amplifier and Samsung PVRspeaker and control system view


Williams Designer Homes Installation

This installation was completed for Tony, director of Williams Designer Homes, and was featured in the Newcastle Herald. The installation starting with the home theatre is a 5.1.2 system, comprised of a Denon Atmos amplifier, Jamo flush mount speaker, Screen Technics projector screen, Epson projector a Samsung blu-ray recorder (PVR) and a URC iPad remote control system. The URC remote control system enables the system to be controlled anywhere in the room, so that has enabled us to place all the equipment at the back of the room where it is all out of site.

As for the rest of the house, the award winning Heos by Denon was chosen, we installed two Heos Amp‘s with Jamo speakers, a Heos HomeCinema soundbar and Samsung TV.

Both Heos Amp’s and the data network are centralised within the home on a top shelf of the walk-in closet, the entire Heos system is used from either their iPads or iPhones.

Lounge Room TV Wall Mount - TeralbaHeos HomeCinemaHeos SoundbarHeos subwoofer

Left Surrond and Atmos Speaker with carpet - Teralbaequipment behind seatsHome Theatre equipment close - TeralbaHome Theatre Teralba - URC 3Home Theatre Teralba - URC 2Home Theatre Teralba - URC 1Home Theatre surround - Teralbahome theatre frontHome Theatre system
Home Theatre central cabling - TeralbaHome Theatre central cabling complete - Teralba

Heos Kitchen holes - Teralba

Motorhome side view

Motorhome Installation

We were approached by Concorde Motorhomes after no other company was either willing or able to complete this installation. The new owners are from, and the home for the motorhome is Melbourne.


The installation comprised of two TVs, one on an electric lifter, Apple TV, Foxtel, 4G Telstra Wi-Fi access point and a Netgear Wi-Fi router and a pair of URC MX780i remote controls. Both Apple TV and Foxtel was are distributed throughout the motorhome. The URC remote control operates all the equipment listed above, so with a single touch of a button the remote control will turn on the TV, switch over to the correct input and it will then control that device, the system is setup so the remote control does not need to point directly to the device it is controlling, the remote control transmits via RF signals.

A HDMI splitter, and a HDMI modulator was also installed to successfully distribute the video throughout the motorhome.


Concorde Motorhome URC remote control programming

Concorde Motorhome

Concorde Motorhome 2

Concorde Motorhome bedroom TV lifter

Concorde Motorhome equipment install

Concorde Motorhome install inside front

Concorde Motorhome install inside

Concorde Motorhome living room TV

m&k m7 speakers

THX certified M&K M7 surround sound

In this installation we used the famous M&K M7 THX certified speaker package with Jamo IC406 as the Atmos speakers. We used a Denon AVR-X1200W receiver an Epson EH-TW9200 projector and the Australian made Screen Technics 115 inch projector screen, Foxtel, Fetch TV and a PS4 is used as a Blu-Ray player was also connected, both sound system and projector were calibrated for optimal performance. In the lounge room, the TV was already wall mount, we mounted the Heos HomeCinema soundbar. This installation was completed in Chisholm.

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Back Wall Denon receiver Front Wall Side Front Wall Heos Soundbar M&K M7 front completed grill off M&K M7 front completed grill on M&K M7 Front Speakers M&K M7 front wall in progress M&K M7 Rear Speakers completed M&K M7 Rear Wall M&K M7 Subwoofer Rear Side Wall