As Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s leading home theatre design and installation company, no other company performs to the extent that we do. Other companies will have a salesman and then usually another business or department to do the installation without any design plans which we think is bad customer service and will guarantee to result in buyer’s remorse as your new home theatre system will not perform as well as it could have. With Custom Audio Visual Solutions, we will guarantee that you will receive a home theatre system that will outperform all your expectations. The only way this can happen is that we perform an initial consultation, then design and then install and commission your new home theatre system. All this will be completed right throughout by the skilled technician (not a salesman) you initially meet; this will guarantee you will receive the quality of performance that will also exceed all your expectations.

Home Theatre Design

A well-designed home theatre system is the only way to ensure pure satisfaction. We always come to you; we will measure up your intended home theatre room and come up with a design that is customised specifically for you, if you already have certain products to use, we will work them in into our design as well.

We Know the Best Home Theatre Productshome theatre Jamo 360HCS8

As a leading home theatre company for the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas, product knowledge is critical. The first step is designing your system; the second step is selecting the correct components. Using the incorrect components will result in one of two things, too much/too big or undersized. Using the right elements in a well-designed home theatre system will mean you’re able to use your home theatre system to its intended full capacity.

Home Theatre Installation

We complete all installations, what this means is the technician you initially meet will be the technician that deliver what was promised to you in the initial consultation stage, this means only one person is accountable for the result you are delivered.

Home Theatre System Commissioning

A well-designed home theatre system needs to be demonstrated to you, so you understand how easy our systems are to use. We will take as long as required to explain all required functions of your new home theatre system to you.

Additions/EnhancementsTV and blu-ray system

Additions to your new home theatre system in the design stage is an excellent way to enhance your system. Enhancements can be anything from installing all your remote controls onto an iPad or Android tablet to make your home theatre system much easier to operate. To all the way up to managing your entire home which can incorporate lighting, blinds control, security, intercom, air conditioning and much more that will make your home much easier to control. From just integrating lighting control to just plain old upgrading certain equipment, if we recognise an opportunity to make your life easier or your experience better, we will recommend it.

Aftersales Service

You’re not left in the dark after we have completed your new system. We pride ourselves on after sales service. If you have an issue, regardless of how minor it is, we will take appropriate steps to rectify the problem. This would be anything from talking to you over the phone to making a house call. We provide a one-month grace period where regardless of the issue you have, even if it just to demonstrate to you again, we will not charge you at all. All our installation work come with a 12-month warranty. Also, a variety of warranty periods exists for different products.

Total Home Theatre Solution

We come to you for the initial consultation, we design the system, install the system, and we will commission the system, also provide after sales service on all our products, all from one company.

Many, if not all other retail store are not able to match what we offer; many will not come to you but require you to go to them, many are just “yes” sales people and will sell you anything you look at just to make a sale and meet their quota. We’re different; we are more about the results, the home theatre experience, the performance of your new equipment. If you want the best, then you only need to give us a call.