Home Automation

Home Automation Throughout the Home

“Alexa, turn on the lounge room TV” or “Hey Google, turn the kitchen light on to 85%”. As the local home automation experts, we can customise your new system to suit your requirements from a single room to your entire house.

We have completed a large number of homes and businesses locally which are all experiencing what a true automation is and can do.

So next time you come home late at night, you can ensure that when you drive up to your house that the garage door will open, garage lights will turn on and a path of lights will turn on to your lounge room.

Elan interfaces via remote control, wall mounted touch screens and smartphone and tables

Gone are the day where a home automation system was for only a new house or for the rich, we’re able to retrofit existing house and renovations with minimal impact which would mean minimal cost to you.

Aspects of a well-designed automation system

Aspects of a well-designed home automation system would not exclude the following;

  • Lights, fans, heated towel rails.
  • TV’s, Blu-ray players.
  • Climate control/air conditioning systems
  • Motorised shades, curtains and blinds.
  • Alarm system and security cameras.
  • Roller doors and door locks.
  • Multi-room audio.
  • Pool pumps/spa baths and irrigation systems.
  • Communicate via the intercom system, including the front door.

Anything that has a switch can most likely be controlled from an automation system.

Leaving home for the office

So, when you leave the house for work and you press “away mode” from the wall keypad or your smartphone, you can ensure that the any lights are turned off, any fans are also turned off, the TV is also turned off, the A/C is turned off and most importantly that the alarm system is armed. All this is accomplished by just pressing one button. Also if the it starts to rain, the irrigation system will automatically turn off.

As the local experts, we are certified in the award winning ELAN Automation System, URC Automation system and Z-Wave systems.

See if URC is the system for you here.

OR is ELAN the system for you.

For more information about Home Automation systems, please see out blog page here

And as a CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) member, you know your in the right hands.