Home Automation & Control Systems

Home automation systems are an essential feature in any new home to simplify the use of all your equipment, from a single room (usually a home theatre room) to the entire house can be archived. It usually consists of many individual stand-alone items interlinked to create one large system. In any building, we can create a relaxing environment where everything is at a touch of a finger. Imagine the ability to create mood lighting, being able to dim the indoor light and turn on the patio light. Turn on the sound system, send it to the patio speakers and closing the curtains at the front of the house (all of this plus more in any combination you can think of) with a single touch of a button. When you’re expecting visitors, as they walk up the pathway, the walkway light can cascade on as they walk up to the door. With the same remote control, you walk into your home theatre room and with a single touch of a button, turn the lights and system on, put in a movie and watch slowly as all the lights dim right down until they are off.

What we do is minimise the fuss and confusion. In the past, you would have had to coordinate with several consultants, designers, equipment suppliers and tradespeople to just begin the process. What we will do is coordinate with you, the homeowner and, if required, the architect, as well as the electrician. We will have your new home automation system installed and ready to go when you move in.

Home Automation


Lighting control is a significant aspect of any home automation system; it is the one that stands out the most. The light switches are smart switches requiring special cabling. A smart switch can be a small touch screen or have hard buttons. Any button can be programmed to control any light, or a series of lights, in any room. The switches also include ceiling fans, bathroom fans, heated towel rails and the like. The lights in your home can also be programmed so that when it gets dark late in the afternoon, or on a very cloudy day, to automatically turn on, so there is no need for you to go to any light switch. Also late at night, when you’re in bed, and you just realised you have forgotten to turn the downstairs lights off, no need to walk down stairs, just get your remote control and turn it off remotely.


Having control of the lights, TV, Foxtel, Blu-ray player, air conditioning, audio systems, pool pumps, heating and cooling, security system, home theatre system and any other equipment you may have throughout the whole house, onto a single remote control are important. Rather than reaching for and seeing multiple remote controls sitting there, it’s all integrated into one remote control. In this day and age, anything can be a remote control, from a programmable remote control to your iPhone/iPad and your Android devices can all be remote controls. Remote control of all your home systems is the pinnacle of lifestyle and convenience that makes the investment worthwhile.


The automated controls of the blinds, curtains, louvres and shutters are a great way to regulate the temperature within the home. On a warm summers day everything can open up to let in the cool breeze in and close up on a cold day, and in winter to open the curtains to let the sun in, all without you having to press any buttons.


When entertaining, flush mount ceiling speakers, or if you’re outdoors using garden speakers, a system can be tailored to your requirements can be broken up into multiple zones. Each zone can play something different; this means you can send different audio sources like a CD player, internet music, or even media storage device like a NAS (network attached storage), thumb drive or even your phone from your remote control to any part of the house. There are many ways that sound can be transmitted to different parts of your house.


A security system on its own adds value, but when integrated with an automation system, this is when your security system comes to life. As well as the movement sensors attached, smoke detectors can also be installed, so if the alarm system is activated, all the lights can be turned on automatically. A security system can also be used in part of regulating the temperature in a room, so for example, if a room is not in use, the system will shut off the air conditioning and blinds in that room. Once movement is detected, the lighting and air conditioning can be re-activated.