750THX Loudspeaker System

THX® Select™ Seal of Approval

The very first product to receive the THX® Select™ seal of approval, the M&K Sound MK 750THX SystemMK 750THX gives music and home cinema enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the reference-quality sound that has made M&K Sound the choice of well over 100 professional audio, film, and video studios.

Accurate Tonal Rendition

Proprietary technologies and innovative thinking ensure that both music and movies alike are reproduced with accurate tonal rendition, harmonic integrity, extreme dynamics, natural vocal articulation, and rock-solid three-dimensional imaging.

The MK 750 system consists of:

  • 2 x 750LR Front Main speakers
  • 1 x 750C Centre speakers
  • 2 x SUR55T Rear speakers
  • 1 x V10 Subwoofer

 RRP $4,999